Are you interested in Rotary? Do you want to learn more?

Whether you have prior experience with Rotary or are not quite sure what it’s all about, you’re welcome to join us for a few meetings without making a commitment and find out if it’s for you. Our objective is to be of service to others on local, national and international levels and we do this by contributing to projects, donating to charity and supporting causes in a variety of ways. Activities include a good mixture of social, fund raising and volunteering. Examples include our wine tasting evening, stall at late night shopping to raise funds and marshalling at events like Rock on the Rec and the Blaston Show.

You can download or view our guide to Welland Valley Rotary Club here. It details the projects that we’re involved in, our plans for the future and the charities that we support.The weekly Welland Valley Rotary meeting is held on a Monday at the Angel Hotel in Market Harborough. A full continental breakfast is served at a cost of £5. The exception to this is our monthly Business Meeting where a full English breakfast is served at a cost of £10. During the meetings current projects are discussed, updates are shared and speakers regularly attend.For details of the speaker on for a particular week view our Events page or if you’d like to speak please submit your details.

If you’d like to attend a meeting or would like some further information please email info@wellandvalleyrotary.co.uk.

View our Events Page or download a PDF here.

The Angel Hotel